As Raysan, our main theme is the provision of occupational health and workers' security, and however, it is the protection of buildings, vehicles and equipment, infrastructures and most important, by revealing the fastest and optimal products to the developing and changing requirements of the industry in global sense.

Raysan, industrial structures, logistics warehouses, production facilities, chemical production and storage facilities, the most demanding working environments such as air areas, the production of flexible, durable and high efficiency security barriers of Turkey's first and only local firm. Instead of steel barriers, high-tech plastic raw materials develop, develop and produce high quality and innovative products by developing a variety of tests and analyzes.

As Raysan, we commit to the advantage of being a manufacturer and provide solutions to meet their customers' expectations and specific needs. We constitute our value chain with customer satisfaction and continuous self-development passion.

Raysan Flexible Barrier Company Profile


We use the resources of nature effectively and prudently in all of our production stages and act sensitively to nature. In order to produce lasting values within the sustainability approach, we create all of our products by preferring recyclable products

Raysan Flexible Barrier Sustainability


As a Raysan Barrier, we aim to offer local and international quality standards, customer expectations, exactly in our flexible barrier productions or in our field practices, and our products are always on the quality of our products, business and human health always aim to provide services.

We work with perseverance and passion for our products and services to be customer-oriented. We continuously support our quality system with risk-based approaches and employee training to make sustainable.

Tüv Nord ISO 9001:2015

Raysan Flexible Barrier Our Quality Policy